Maize and Sorghum

Maize and Sorghum

The ESA Maize Section (SMA) addresses maize as regulated by the EU Seed Marketing Directive for cereal seed (1966/402).

Around 15 million hectares of maize are found in the EU 28 covers, of which 60% (9.4 million ha) is harvested as grain and 40% (5.9 million ha) as silage. Maize seed is produced on approximately 180.000 hectares. Sweet corn (70.000 hectares) is addressed by the ESA Section for Vegetables and Ornamentals (SVO).

The main markets are human consumption, animal feed and bioenergy.

The SMA section developed a Factsheet on Maize which contains more information on key production figures, research and development, environmental aspects as well as information on the ESA company members active in this crop.




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