Code of Conduct

Members of ESA are working in full compliance with applicable laws and are expecting all actors of the seed market to follow these rules in commercial activities.

In order to further promote a business environment where the players manifest mutual respect and act according to the applicable rules ESA has adopted a General Code of Conduct in 2012. 

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Antitrust guidelines

ESA as an association, as well as each of its members, is responsible for complying with anti-trust rules and for ensuring that its employees respect and are aware of their obligations under such antitrust rules. In 2012 ESA adopted anti-trust guidelines.

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Legal status

ESA is an aisbl

Transparency Register

ESA is registered on the Joint EU Commission and Parliament Transparency Register under Registration number 11362308587-10.

Child labour

In line with the EU Directive on the protection of young people at work (Directive 94/33/EC, in place since 1994), ESA strongly rejects child labour. In 2014 ESA developed a position on the prevention of child labour in the seed sector